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Kỹ năng chương trình IMA

Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) programme enables to develop children's mental faculty by using "Both-hand Abacus Mental-Arithmetic". The following are some skills which will be produced in IMA programme.

 Kỹ năng chương trình IMA


Concentration is the concentrated and directed attention towards a particular matter with clear reflection that creates a deep image and mental impression. An enhanced concentration leads to better absorption power. Studying will then be a joyful thing for these children. In the abacus and Mental-Arithmetic education, children will be trained to concentrate when listening to the teachers' question (that ranges from easy to difficult) and then focus on calculating the answers based on visualizing an imaginary abacus and its beads as accurately as possible.



Observation is the ability to compare, analyze and differentiate objects, motives and steps .It is also a state of alertness and swiftness of the mind and sense. This comes from the need of students to understand the theoretical requirements of each calculation, the use of Mental-Arithmetic flash cards and at the same time be aware of the time and promptings from the teachers.


By using the imagination of the right brain to visualize the abacus in mind, inevitably the powers of visualization would become sharp and clear. Einstein believes that the imagination is more important than knowledge, because imagination is the main source of yet-to-be-discovered knowledge.



Memory is the ability to store and retrieve information and experiences. It has been found that memory in the left brain would not stay long, but an image that is recorded in the right brain would stay on in mind forever. By stimulating the right brain with Mental-Arithmetic, and in combination with the alertness of the eyes, ears and hands, the ability to store and recall is developed together. Therefore, the ability to solve 10-digit calculation questions in only a few seconds is only a small success in comparison to the actual brain development that has been achieved during the training.


Furthermore, the essential aspect of our teaching is to pass on the skill of mastering abacus usage in a light and gentle way, with swift response to the subject matters accurately. The topics include vivid movement of body parts, proper calculation logic, stable learning mood which also touches on stability, patience, concentration, reaction capability and even setback-handling. With the harmonized coordination of body and soul, an ideal environment for learning will come about naturally. A child is the darling in the eyes of his caring parents. He is also the future leader of the country. He will inevitably face competition and challenges in time to come. It is our sincere hope that more children will benefit from our training programme, to equip them with the basics for a promising future.

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